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Laboratory Protocols 

The research projects of the Wayne lab cover a wide range of species and utilize a multitude of molecular approaches.  To access these protocols, please click the links below to access our Wayne Lab open wetware wiki page or the CALeDNA website for DNA metabarcoding protocols.

Find General Lab Protocols Here

Find CALeDNA Protocols Here

Scripts and Data Analysis Pipelines 

Many of the scripts and data analysis pipelines used by Wayne Lab members are open access.  To view GitHub repositories of pipelines for genomic analysis, visit the People tab to find GitHub pages for individual lab members.

Find Scripts Here

Wayne Lab Code of Conduct

In order to provide a safe and inclusive working environment, the Wayne Lab set out to define the standards that all members and collaborators will be held to. For all incoming and existing students as well as any interested collaborators or supporters, please take the time to review this critical document to our lab operations. We believe that these standards will support our lab and allow for an equitable, fair, and supportive environment for everyone.

Wayne Lab Code of Conduct Here

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