Comparative Genomics

          With rapid growing number of complete genomes sequences, we have the unique opportunity to compare genomes from different species to understand what makes species unique. Particularly, our research aims to discover th

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Biology Education Research

Only 40% of students that enter US colleges and universities with the intention of majoring in STEM graduate with their intended degree (Olson and Riordan, 2012). Although it is known that student success and persistence in STEM can be increased by exp

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Environmental DNA (eDNA) and California Biodiversity

The Wayne lab uses environmental DNA (eDNA) analyses to reconstruct the composition of natural communities in California and provide educational opportunities for students and citizen/community scientists to experience and study the natural environment

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Population Genetics of Deleterious Variation

We are interested in understanding how the demography of wild and domesticated populations can impact patterns of genetic variation. In particular, we focus on understanding how small populations can accumulate harmful (“deleterious”) mutations due to

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Wayne Lab