Gabriela Pinho

Gabi (pronouns she/her) is co-advised by Bob Wayne and Dan Blumstein. She is a Brazilian Science Without Borders Ph.D. Fellow studying animal behavior and genetics. Gabi has extensive field experience in temperate and tropical ecosystems and has led teams to collect behavioral data and trap small mammals. She has mentored and worked with undergrads to publish her most recent papers on the correlates of maternal stress and costs of compensatory growth in wild yellow-bellied marmots. Gabi is now using archival samples and behavioral data collected since 2003 from this free-living marmot population to investigate which environment and social conditions may increase individual aging speed, measured through epigenetic markers. During her Masters she studied the social behavior of lowland tapirs by estimating relatedness through non invasive sampling in the Amazon. Since then she has been collaborating with the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative and is a member of the Genetics Committee of the IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group.

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